When to Vote

Once you have registered to vote, the next step is actually casting your vote! In most states (including Georgia) there is early voting in addition to voting on election day. To find out when your state is doing early voting check your Secretary of State’s website. In Georgia, early voting started on October 17th and will go until November 4th. If you are unable to vote early (that is what is recommended) you can vote on election day which is November 9th. However, if you plan to vote on election day, make sure you plan to wait in long lines. The lines during early voting will be a lot shorter than those on election day.

Where to Vote

Your voting location depends on where you are registered to vote. Before you go to vote make sure you check where your voting location is. You can check this on your Secretary of State’s website. Here is the website to find out where your voting location is if you are voting in Georgia.

For most states, during early voting you are able to vote at any location in your county. For Emory students, the nearest polling location for early voting is at 1599 Clifton Road.

What to Bring to the Polls to Vote

No matter when you vote, if you are going to the polls in-person this is what you need to bring with you:

  • Driver’s license or other form of identification that you used to register to vote

What not to bring:

  • Any political clothing item (a campaign shirt or anything with a party’s name on it)

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