ENGRD 219- Portfolio Course

SKETCH 1: Avatar Assignment

For the avatar assignment I decided to make something simple and professional for my avatar. I always liked how my initials looked together so thought it would be good to use them for my avatar. I also think that the colors blue and white look good together. It was challenging to figure out how to create this design and how to upload it. I also had trouble figuring out how to tag this, and honestly I am still unsure if I even did it.

SKETCH 2: What’s in your bag?

I wish I could say that the contents in my bag are unique, however, I think if any college student dumped out their backpack and took a picture of it, their picture would look almost identical to mine. In order to save myself from back pain, I decided that I would only carry the necessities in my backpack. These items include, my notebooks and folders for the day, my computer and charger, pens and pencils, my AirPods, a hair clip, mini brush, a pack of gum and a bag of Tylenol.