Book Proposal: Guide to Voting for College Students

The final project in this course was a book proposal assignment. I wrote a proposal for a book called “Guide to Voting for College Students” and marketed it to be published with MIT Press. The book is a voting “how-to” guide that is aimed at helping college-age students navigate elections. The most challenging part of this assignment was flushing out my ideas and coming up with a specific chapter outline. This was difficult for me because I had so many ideas for what I wanted my book to discuss that when it came time to figure out what I would actually include, I had to cut it down and select the topics that were most important for the purpose of the book. I was able to create a book cover for the proposal, something I never thought I would do since I am very far from being creative or artistic. However, I loved the design that I came up with for my book! In the end, I am very happy with how my book proposal turned out and learned a lot from the process of developing it and selecting a publishing company. Attached is my full book proposal.


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