ENGRD 380W- The Rhetoric of Misinformation

This course explored the rhetorical forms and features of misinformation to provide deeper insight into what misinformation is, how it functions, and how we can overcome it. We unpacked the media and information ecosystems that shape the forms of misinformation that we currently see, talked about the rhetorical trends, forms, and features of misinformation, and developed information and media literacy skills to better recognize and overcome misinformation in our daily lives.

Our first assignment was the Rhetorical Analysis of Misinformation Paper. For this assignment we were instructed to select a piece of misinformation and analyze it using our knowledge of rhetorical techniques. I decided to select an article from Fox News written by Tucker Carlson in which is discussed the idea of dead people voting in the 2020 election. Bellow is my analysis of Carlson’s rhetorical strategies.


The second assignment for this course was a Misinformation Creation and Reflection assignment. For this assignment, we designed and analyzed a type of misinformation as a way to gain further insights into how misinformation functions as a genre. I selected voter fraud misinformation for this assignment. Attached is my paper.