ENGRD 230W- Professional Writing

This course helped us learn about the writing that is used in our individual fields of work. For me, I focused on the political sphere for my work in this class. Additionally, We worked on multiple writing pieces that would serve to be helpful when applying for jobs.

For our first assignment in this class we had to work on updating our resumes. Since I had already written a resume prior to this course, I focused on revising it based on what we spoke about in class. We learned about tailoring our resumes based on the job we are applying for and making sure that we include key from the job description in our resumes. Here is my final draft of one version of my resume.


The next assignment that we had was to create a cover letter for a job that we were interested in. I wrote my cover letter for a job listing at Run For Something.


The largest assignment in this class was a job report. We had to find and contact someone in our career field and conduct an informational interview with them. I interviewed Emily Kastenberg who works as a staff assistant and legislative correspondent for
Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05) in Washington, D.C. Additionally, we were told to ask our interviewee for a piece of writing they have done in their role. The final result of this assignment was a full job report with our findings as well as an analysis of the piece of writing from our interviewee.


Another major class assignment was a blog project. For this, we were instructed to create a blog about a topic we were passionate about with a specific audience in mind. Because of the timeliness of the midterm elections, I wrote my blog on voting that was targeted to help college-age students. My full blog is featured on this website and contains a few different entries about topics I thought would be important for students to know before the midterms. Bellow is my blog proposal


One other assignment in this course was a multimodal project on a topic of our choice. For that, I decided to create an infographic about the results of the 2022 election in Georgia. I decide to do my project on that because the election was very confusing for many students due to the runoff and I thought it would be helpful to explain why that happened. Bellow is my infographic


Just like many of my other courses at Emory, this class ended with a reflection assignment. In this essay I discussed the importance of constant revision. Bellow is my reflection essay for the course.