The second speech in this course was the storytelling speech. For this speech I decided to tell a story about my grandfather that my mom told me as a child.

I thought that my overall storytelling speech was very successful and I feel very confident about how it went. I think I was successful in maintaining eye contact with my audience throughout the entire speech and using a good volume/tone. I tried to add emotion to various parts of the speech to add suspense or lead to a specific reaction from my audience based on what I was saying. Additionally, I felt that the content of my speech was good and received well by my audience; they laughed at the funny parts and were shocked at the surprising parts. One thing that I think I can work on is adding some more details, my speech ended up being a little under 4 minutes so I had some extra time where I could have included more details. 

I know that my audience was listening to me and was engaged with my speech because they looked drawn in and eager to hear what was going to happen next. After my speech, my audience’s reaction was very positive and they all seemed like they really enjoyed my speech. 

For the storytelling speech, we were told to only use a sheet of paper with a few notes on it. However, here is what I wrote out when first deciding what I wanted to say in my speech. In reality, because I did not have this paper during my speech, I changed some things in the moment and did not say everything exactly how it was written originally.


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