Writing for POLS Major

The political science major focuses on the processes by which community values are translated into public choices. Political scientists use what they know about politics and political behavior to develop normative positions regarding desirable features of political systems.

POLS 100 (National Politics)

This paper was originally written for the final assignment of this course, in 2019. The assignment had asked us to select a battleground state and predict the results of the 2020 senate election in that state. I picked Georgia and predicted that a democrat would win at least one of the two seats that were up for election. I ended up being correct and the seats were both won by the democratic candidates, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. In Fall of 2021, I revised this paper in ENGRD 349W to be relevant post-2020 election. Bellow is the revised paper.


POLS 208 (Political Science Research Methods)

In this research course we designed a rigorous, detailed plan for collecting to test our own hypotheses. For this paper, my partner and I looked at the impact of electorate polarization on split-ticket voting. We aimed to find out what impacts voters to decide to split their vote between two parties on the same ballot. Bellow is the final research design essay for the course.


POLS 352 (Constitutional Law)

For this class, most of the writing that we did was case briefs. I learned a lot about how to be concise with my writing because we were only given 1-2 pages for these briefs. Bellow are a few of the Supreme Court case briefs that I wrote.




POLS 394R (Media and Politics)

The main piece of writing in this course was a research paper. For that, I studied the use of YouTube for ads in the 2022 Senate Election in Georgia between Warnock and Walker. Bellow is the final paper.